Mailing Bags

Poly Mailers

Our 2.5 Mil opaque poly mailers are easy to use, featuring their peel and seal closure. These poly mailing bags feature a black or silver/grey inner layer to conceal confidential items within.

These economical, high efficiency, durable plastic mailers are perfect for shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items and are UPS,... Read more

Bubble Poly Mailers

These Bubble Mailer Bags are water-resistant and tear-proof and its self-seal adhesive closure is reliable and tamper-evident. The 3/16" bubble lining gently cushions and protects the items being put inside making them a great shipping solution for products that need a bit more protection. Its smooth surface is perfect for... Read more

Clear Mailing Bags

Clear Poly Mailing Bags are great for transparent Shipping/Mailing. These bags are in stock and ready for same day shipping at Royal Bag. Find Plastic mail bags and more with us today!

Ideal for shipping clothing, books, jewelry, shoes, electronic parts and accessories, and more!

Our mailing bags are perfect for shipping items that are too big for a standard envelope but don't require a cardboard box. Made of the highest quality polyethylene (also known as poly), our mailing pouches are resistant to tearing, puncture, and water damage. Our poly mailing bags are the favorites of drop shippers who need a dependable mailer for their store. Designed to be both lightweight and durable, these high quality plastic shipping envelopes offer both protection and economical shipping of your goods.

Small and large sizes are available (and everything in between)! Select the style above for your needs - opaque, clear, or bubble lining - and then find sizes listed on that bag type's page. All of our plastic mailing bags come with an easy "peal and seal" flap for safely enclosing your product, ensuring contents are safely contained throughout shipment.