Sustainable PCR Mailers

Regardless of what sustainable and functional packaging option you’re looking for, RoyalBag has the perfect solution for your business needs.

Polymailers with 100% PCR

Our 100% PCR polymailers are one of our most sustainable packing options! These bags offer the same durability and reliability of our other products despite these polymailers being made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

These recycled mailers will help your business support a clean environment. All of our 100% PCR polymailers feature a standard recycled message so your customers will know you’re making an effort to lessen the amount of plastic that’s headed to landfills.

In addition to having a lower carbon footprint than recycled paper mailers, our 100% PCR polymailers are also more durable, and the lightweight mailers are water-resistant. The water-resistant tough exterior of the bags will ensure that your products reach their final destination safely.

Polymailers with 50% PCR

If your company is looking for a more sustainable packaging solution, but isn’t ready to commit to 100% PCR polymailers, our 50% PCR polymailers offer an excellent middle-ground. These polymailers are also better for the environment than traditional plastic mailers and feature a standard recycled message to let your customers know that your business is making an environmentally-conscience decision.

These mailers are flexible, durable, and water-resistant to help protect any products that your business needs to ship. Additionally, the mailers are tear and puncture-resistant, further helping to keep shipped products safe.

The bags also feature a grey interior and white exterior so your customers will have privacy for the items that are being shipped to them.

Perforated Polymailers with 50% PCR

On top of offering regular polymailers with an easy-to-use peel and seal closure, we also provide perforated mailers. These mailers feature a perforated tear strip so it’s even simpler for your customers to open their package when they receive it.

Although these bags have a perforated tear strip, you don’t need to worry about the mailer’s contents not making it to their final destination. These mailers are still highly durable and will keep your business’ products safe because they’re tamper-evident and puncture-proof.

Additionally, our perforated mailers are simpler to open than other mailers of their kind because RoyalBag uses a micro-perforation technique.

What is PCR?

PCR stands for post-recycled consumer materials. For RoyalBag’s mailers, we’re saving plastics from landfills by giving those plastics a new purpose in our recycled and sustainable mailers. On top of using recycled materials in our products, all of our mailers themselves are recyclable.

At RoyalBag, we’re committed to creating a more sustainable future for our customers.