Trash Bags and Liners

Garbage Bags

With so many laws regarding proper sanitation and garbage disposal, trash bags have to be up to the task. Our garbage bags and trash liners are of prime quality and come in a variety of sizes and thickness. Simply choose the heavy duty trash bag size that fits your needs, and we'll ship it out to you right away.

Mattress Bags

These super strong low density polyethylene bags provide protection for mattress and box springs. Vented for quick loading.

Biohazard Healthcare Liners

Red healthcare liners with a pre-printed biohazard symbol for transport of medical waste.

Soiled Linen Bags

These Plastic Soiled Linen Laundry Bags are used in facilities with housekeeping services to store used linens such as bedsheets, linen, towels and hospital gowns. Common industries include Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, Cleaners, and Industrial Kitchens. The bags are blue and come printed with the words "Soiled Linen" and "Ropa Sucia" in... Read more