Retail Bags

Clear Drawstring Bags

Great for industrial and promotional use! These plastic drawstring bags keep contents secure and are easy to open and close. This drawstring feature make the bag easy to tie or hang onto machinery or equipment.

Clear drawstring bags make it easy to see the item within, so that in many business applications, labelling is not... Read more

Food Bags

Our Food Bag category includes: Ice Bags, Sandwich bags and Bread bags. All food storage bags are USDA and FDA approved making them safe for food.

Bread Bags

Sandwich Bags

Ice Bags

Deli Bags

Vacuum Seal Bags

Plastic Garment Bags on Rolls

Our 0.6 Mil LDPE plastic garment bags have sloped shoulders and slit holes for hanger access. These clear plastic garment bags are printed with a suffocation warning and come on perforated rolls for easy dispensing. Garment bags are great for protecting clothes in your wardrobe and to use in a Dry Cleaners shop.

Die Cut Handle Merchandise Bags

These 2 Mil, Low-Density merchandise bags are die cut handle bags that are great for carrying merchandise and for trade shows.




Ziplock Bags with Handle

These ziplock bags feature a built in, die-cut handle above the zipper and are great for carrying merchandise, as well as for trade shows and conferences. Since these bags are reclosable, they will keep items contained while traveling.

Die-cut carrying handles allow the bag to be held comfortably like a shopping bag. The 8x11... Read more

Incense Bags

These long and narrow size plastic bags are ideal for packaging your incense sticks in a presentable manner. Use these bags for displaying your incense... Read more

Clear Zip Lock Reclosable

Colored Zip Lock Reclosable

Clear Open Flat

Color Coded Coin Bags, Peal & Seal Tamper Evident

These coin bags are color coded with a blue or orange block and used to easily identify coins by color code by casinos and banks. The blue color coded bags are used for nickels and the orange color for quarters. The bags feature an adhesive peal & seal strip closure for a permanent tamper evident seal. Made from strong 5 Mil Metallocene... Read more