Die Cut Handle Merchandise Bags

These bags feature a die cut handle and are great for carrying merchandise. Choose from Low-Density Clear, White, or Frosted High-Density. Reliable merchandise bags with handles are commonly used at trade shows.

  • The die cut handle makes them user-friendly. Just grab and go!
  • Available in Clear, White, and Frosted.

What is a Die Cut Handle Plastic Bag?

Die cut plastic bags with handles are produced through a special process known as die cutting. In die cutting, a tool called a die is used to cut the desired shape out of a material - in this case, a plastic bag with handles.

Die cutting is a popular method used in manufacturing because it's both time and cost-efficient. Once the die is set up, and the desired cutting template is set, the process works similarly to how a cookie cutter functions. The efficiency of die cutting helps companies save their customers money since they're able to produce a high volume of products in a relatively short amount of time.

Customizable Clear Plastic Bag with Handles

Clear poly bags with handles have a large number of uses, and many of our customers love to use them at merchandise stores or quaint boutiques.

Our bags are completely customizable, so a store or boutique can send us their logo and we'll print them onto the bags. We always ensure that our customers' logos come out looking crisp and clear.

In addition to printing any kind of logo on the handle bags, you can also choose the custom size you need the bag to be. We also offer multiple colored plastic film options if you want to match your bag to your brand color theme. These custom shopping bags with handles are perfect for branding your company to the public.

Normally, stores determine what color bag they want based on if they want their customers to show off their product as they walk around after making a purchase. For example, cute candy stores or gift shops might prefer a clear bag so other potential customers can see what's available, but a clothing store may prefer a white bag so consumers don't need to worry about showing intimate wear or other personal items after they leave the shop.

Having plastic bags with handles simply makes it easier for shoppers to carry their purchases while also showing off your logo and spreading your brand.

Uses For Die Cut Bags

In addition to stores or boutiques using our customizable bags, many other businesses use them too!

Die cut handle bags are especially popular at trade shows. Individual booths will use the bags to give out gifts or informational packets to people who walk by. By using our clear plastic bags, other people at the trade show will easily be able to see what items a booth is giving away. If there is a speaker at the trade show, they could also use a die cut bag to give away brochures. Since our bags come in sizes both large and small, a speaker can pick the ideal bag size for them based on the amount of information they're attempting to fit into the bag.

These bags are also excellent for creative conferences. Artists can place their wares in the bag after a customer makes a purchase. Due to the durability of the bag, many photographers prefer these bags because they can feel confident that they will keep their images safe when they send them home with a customer.

Last (but not least) doctors' offices and dentists can utilize our clear plastic bags by giving away toothbrushes, toothpaste, stickers, etc. after a child's appointment to make the kid, and the parents, happy.

Benefits of Die Cut Handles

Our handles work correctly to ensure that you can easily carry your merchandise. Our plastic bags are produced using high-quality plastic so the possibility of the bag ripping is minimal. Our handles are comfortable, so even if you're shopping for a long period of time, the handles won't start to cut into your hand.

Benefits of RoyalBag

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