Recycled Plastic White Merchandise Bags

Recycled Plastic White Merchandise Bags

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White Merchandise Die Cut Handle Bags with 25% Post Consumer Recycled Material

Looking for a reliable, but sustainable solution for your packaging needs? Our 25% post-consumer recycled die-cut handle bags are the answer you’re looking for.

Our low-density white merchandise bags feature a die-cut handle that makes it easy for customers to carry the bag. Since these shopping bags are produced with 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Material, they’re printed with a standard recycle message, so all of your consumers will know that you (and your business) care about making a positive environmental impact. Customers can carry this bag confidently by knowing that they’re helping the environment by keeping plastic out of landfills!

Due to the comfortable die-cut handle, these bags are perfect for carrying merchandise at trade shows, giving away party favors, grabbing carry-out from a restaurant, and more!

  • User-friendly and earth-conscious
  • Standard 3" die cut handle for easy carrying
  • White color film in 2.25 Mil thickness
  • Bigger sizes available with a 4" bottom gusset-pleat so items lay nicer in the bag

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What is Post-Consumer Recycled Material (PCR)?

Post-Consumer Recycled (also known as PCR) material is obtained from waste that has been used by a consumer, thrown away, and then removed from the waste stream that’s headed to a landfill. These materials are collected from the items that you place in your recycling bin - things like aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, newspapers, and (of course) plastic bags.

At RoyalBag we’re working on consistently increasing the amount of eco-conscience products that we offer. By consistently recycling our plastic products and reusing them in the new products we manufacture, we’re helping to keep our landfills healthy and free from plastic (which can take hundreds of years to disintegrate).

Why Switch To Recycled Plastic White Merchandise Bags?

Many consumers are beginning to care more and more about the state of the environment and how their purchasing decisions affect it. Many customers are looking for areas where they can cut down on the amount of plastic that they use in their life so that it doesn’t end up in landfills.

Unfortunately, switching to paper bags isn’t the perfect solution because they tend to rip and are less able to carry heavy items. Additionally, paper bags don’t tend to be the most comfortable for a customer to carry around for a long amount of time because the handles tend to cut into a person’s hands.

Recycled Plastic Shopping Bags As A Solution

This is where recycled plastic shopping bags come in. These 25% PCR bags are the ideal in-between because they provide all the durability of a normal plastic bag along with some of the environmental benefits of a paper bag.

Our plastic bags are also strong enough that customers won’t have to “double-bag” even for heavier items. This also cuts down on the amount of overall waste and will save your business money.

Furthermore, our recyclable bags are flexible and can stretch, allowing your customers to fit more items into a single bag. This will also cut down on waste since customers won’t have to request an additional bag.

What Can Recycled Die-Cut Handle Bags Be Used For?

Trade Shows

Recycled die-cut handle bags are the perfect bag to be used at trade shows because the white exterior conceals the carriers’ items so it’s not obvious what each table is giving away. The white exterior also makes it simple for a business to have its own custom logo printed on each of the bags. This makes it simple for any business to receive additional advertising while at the trade show.

Party Favors

These recyclable plastic bags also work well to give away party favors since the thickness of the bag and its glossy exterior hides the bags’ contents. This is perfect for children’s birthday parties, bridal showers, or a high school prom.

Retail Shops and Bakeries

In addition to using white die-cut handle bags to hold merchandise at trade shows, these bags are ideal for retail shops, restaurants, and bakeries. The durability of the plastic bags will ensure that the contents won’t break through the bag while also being comfortable enough for a customer to carry the bag as they walk around a mall or downtown area.