Biohazard Plastic Bags

What are biohazard bags?

Biohazard Bags and Medical Waste Bags are an everyday commodity for lab technicians and nurses in laboratories and hospitals. Biohazard bags come with various pre-printed symbols and in different colors per their intended use. There are many laws and guidelines for what bags to use depending on the contents and purpose but in general, Specimen Bags are useful in laboratories and in hospitals to securely transfer specimens, samples collection and paperwork. For example, nurses in labs and hospitals will fill bio-hazard specimen bags with a sample before sending them off to diagnostic labs for testing. Some specimen bags come with an extra outer pocket or requisition pouch for important documents & paperwork to accompany the specimen while being transferred or shipped.

Red Colored Infectious Waste Bags are used for medical waste. A general use is when disposing swabs, tissues, bandages and many other contaminated medical waste that require they go in their clearly marked and red bags. Royal Bag carries red colored Infectious Waste Bags in both ziplock-reclosable and in open end liners.