8 x 4 x 18, 1.5 Mil Polypropylene Gusseted Bags

Item #: PG080418.1.5

8 x 4 x 18, 1.5 Mil Polypropylene Gusseted Bags

Measuring diagram

Width:8 inches
Gusset:4 inches
Length:18 inches
Thickness:1.5 Mil (0.0015 inch)


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Our 8" x 4" x 18" 1.5 mil Open End Gusseted Polypropylene Bags are made of Polypropylene and provide ultra high clarity so its contents are clearly visible. This 8 by 18 inch LayFlat plastic bag features a 4 inch side gusset that allows for the bag to expand and fit the form of its contents. These 8 x 4 x 18 inch ultra clear polypropelene bags are commonly used for food packaging and storage, like bakeries, candies and sweets, and prizes or goody bags. Open Top/Lay Flat 8x4x18" 1.5mil bags can be used in its open form as temporary storage, or, they can be sealed shut with heat sealing, stapling, tape or Twist Ties.

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