Heat Sealing Machine

Heat Sealing Machine
Place the plastic bag onto the seal bar, press handle and release, to make an airtight, water tight seal through wrinkles, gussets and multiple film layers. The bag sealer machine has an adjustable timer automatically presets the wielding time.
  • Our plastic bag sealing machine is light, portable table model
  • Fast impulse sealing of all types of plastic bags- including many laminates
  • Seals thin as well as thick materials
  • Just plug in and use, no warm up needed

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NameCase ofPrice
8" Bag heat sealing machine1$85.00
As low as: $72.25
12" Bag heat sealing machine1$108.50
As low as: $92.23
16" Bag heat sealing machine1$175.00
As low as: $148.75
20" Bag heat sealing machine1$275.00
As low as: $233.75
Spare parts kit for 12" Heat Sealer1$40.00
As low as: $34.00
Spare parts kit for 8" Heat Sealer1$40.00
As low as: $34.00