Tamper Evident Reclosable Bags

Tamper Evident Reclosable Bags
Simply insert contents from the bottom and heat seal closed. Perforation must be torn open to access contents within the bag. Ensure documents and supplies are not tampered with in transit. Convenient, reclosable zipper provides option of being reused.

  • Tamper-evident, bottom-load bags.
  • Perforated strip must be torn to be open.
  • Proof of tampering is immediate.

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2 Mil

3 Mil

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NameCase ofPrice
3 x 5, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$13.40
As low as: $11.39
4 x 6, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$20.08
As low as: $17.07
5 x 8, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$31.16
As low as: $26.49
6 x 9, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$40.28
As low as: $34.24
8 x 10, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$58.64
As low as: $49.84
9 x 12, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$100.46
As low as: $85.39
12 x 15, 2Mil Tamper Evident Reclosable Bag1000$122.94
As low as: $104.50
4 X 6, 3 Mil Tamper-evident Reclosable Bags1000$73.58
As low as: $62.54
5 X 8, 3 Mil Tamper-evident Reclosable Bags1000$92.56
As low as: $78.68
As low as: $14.32
6 X 9, 3 Mil Tamper-evident Reclosable Bags1000$107.84
As low as: $91.66
8 X 10, 3 Mil Tamper-evident Reclosable Bags1000$135.48
As low as: $115.16
9 X 12, 3 Mil Tamper-evident Reclosable Bags1000$160.36
As low as: $136.31

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