Biohazard Specimen Ziplock Bags

Biohazard Specimen Ziplock Bags
Our specimen bags and biohazard ziplock bags are for safe storage of medical specimens and bio waste management.
They are damp proof, moisture proof, and printed with the biohazard symbol in the front of the bag. Depending on the quantity of bags, we can have the Biohazard Bags custom manufactured for your laboratory or health care facility according to your specifications. Find out more about your custom plastic bags options!

More Biohazard Plastic Bags

  • A Top quality recloseable medical specimen bag with a high quality zip that protects your sample.
  • All virgin polyethylene meets FDA and USDA requirements.
  • Our medical plastic bags are useful in laboratories and in hospitals to securely transfer specimens and paperwork.

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4 x 6, 2 Mil Biohazard Reclosable Bags

8 Ounces

As low as: $32.43
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As low as: $7.61
6 x 9, 2 Mil Biohazard Reclosable Bags, With a Pouch1000$61.02
As low as: $51.87
As low as: $9.44
8 x 10, 2 Mil Biohazard Reclosable Bags, With a Pouch

1/2 Gallon

As low as: $71.40
As low as: $12.99
9 x 12, 2 Mil Biohazard Reclosable Bags, With a Pouch1000$107.46
As low as: $91.34
As low as: $16.63
Red Reclosable Zip Lock Biohazard Waste Bags 12 x 15, 2 Mil

2 Gallon

As low as: $214.38
As low as: $28.90
12 x 15, 2 Mil Biohazard Reclosable Bags, With a Pouch

2 Gallon

As low as: $182.75
As low as: $20.40