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Clear Packing List Envelopes

Clear Packing List Envelopes

Our packing list envelopes - sometimes called packing slip envelopes or shipping pouches - are perfect to attach your paperwork to the orders you are shipping so your customers know exactly what is inside the package they are receiving. Packing list envelopes are especially important in shipping to businesses, so there is no confusion over what is being delivered. These allow customers to know the contents of the shipment before opening the package.

The benefit of clear face packing envelopes is that business staff can see where the package contents should go as soon as they are delivered, without needing to open the package.

  • High quality and durable packing slip envelopes are simple to use with an easy peel-off adhesive backing that sticks securely to your package.
  • Packing slip envelopes come with an industrial grade adhesive polymer that keeps them attached to packaging through the entire shipping process.
  • Simply peel off the backing to securely affix the slip to the package.

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NameCase ofPrice
4.5 x 5.5 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face1000$26.00
As low as: $22.10
4.5 x 6 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face1000$30.00
As low as: $25.50
5.5 x 10 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face1000$62.00
As low as: $52.70
6.5 x 10 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face1000$69.00
As low as: $58.65
7 x 5.5 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face1000$42.00
As low as: $35.70
7 x 10 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face1000$74.00
As low as: $62.90
9.5 x 12 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face500$64.00
As low as: $54.40
10 x 12 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face500$66.00
As low as: $56.10
10.75 x 6.75 Packing List Envelope, Clear Face (with perforation)500$42.00
As low as: $35.70