Bag Ties

Bag Ties
Shop our selection of different Twist Ties, Cable Ties, Wire Loop Ties and More!

  • Use these Twist Ties for your needs in your home, office or business.
  • Use Steel Wire Ties for securing heavy duty bags.

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NameCase ofPrice
Twist Tie Vinyl 4" Colored2000$16.25
As low as: $13.81
Twist Tie Vinyl 4" White2000$16.10
As low as: $13.69
5 1/2" Locking Nylon Cable Ties1000$32.00
As low as: $27.20
Twist Tie Vinyl 6" Colored2000$17.25
As low as: $14.66
Twist Tie Vinyl 6" White2000$17.10
As low as: $14.54
Black Annealed Steel Wire Double Loop Ties 6" 18 Gauge2500$44.00
As low as: $37.40
7" Locking Nylon Cable Ties1000$45.00
As low as: $38.25
5" Self Locking Adjustable Plastic Ties1000$24.10
As low as: $20.49

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