Bag Ties

Twist Ties

Weather resistant vinyl coated twist ties. The ties contain easy bending wire coil. These Twist Ties are suitable for closing a bag to keep things in it secure.

Available in assorted colors or white.

Nylon Cable Ties

Locking Nylon Cable Ties

Steel Wire Loop Ties

These Black Steel Wire Double Loop Twist Ties are great for securing mesh bags, burlap sacks, potato bags, onion bags, compactor bags/tubing and other heavy duty bags, tubing and garbage bags. Also commonly used for tying, fencing, bundling & more in landscaping and construction.

Self Locking Ties

These Self Locking Adjustable Plastic Ties are a great, fast and easy way to close plastic bags. Use these Self Locking Ties for your needs in your home, office or business.

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