Asbestos Hazard Bags

Asbestos Hazard Bags
These Asbestos Hazard Bags are used to transport and dispose of asbestos-contaminated materials. Clear Asbestos Hazard Bags come pre-printed with an asbestos warning message. The asbestos warning message is printed in yellow color. Bags are made from super strong 6 mil material. Asbestos Hazard Bags are for construction sites where asbestos contaminated materials are required to go in special marked bags. Marked in yellow print on clear bags.
  • Meets OSHA standard 1910.1001 for asbestos removal.
  • Super strong thickness; 6 mil.

Applied filters: None
NameCase ofPrice
24 x 36, Asbestos Hazard Bags100$125.00
As low as: $106.25
33 x 40, Asbestos Hazard Bags75$147.42
As low as: $125.31
38 x 60, Asbestos Hazard Bags50$166.11
As low as: $141.19