3 X 5, 2 Mil Extra-Light BLUE Reclosable Bag Very Light Tinted!

Item #: RBC0305B-L

3 X 5, 2 Mil Extra-Light BLUE Reclosable Bag

Measuring diagram

Width:3 inches
Length:5 inches
Thickness:2 Mil (0.002 inch)
Color:Light Blue

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Do you need to pack your merchandise in a small colored zip lock bag and also need the bag to be highly transparent? These bags are a lightly tinted blue color and very see-through. Our 3 x 5 inch Light Blue resealable poly bag features a high quality zip on top, which is easy to pull open & pinch shut, making packaging easy. Use 3 x 5 Transparent-Blue Bags for color coding your inventory. Available in pack(s) of: 1000, 100

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