2 x 1, 2 Mil Blue Tint Reclosable Bags

Item #: RBC0201B

2 x 1, 2 Mil Blue Tint Reclosable Bags

Measuring diagram

Width:2 inches
Length:1 inch
Thickness:2 Mil (0.002 inch)

Other Industry Names: 2010


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Our small 2 X 1" Blue Zip Lock Plastic Bags are great for packaging small items! This 2 x 1 inch blue resealable poly bag features a high quality zip on top, making packaging easy. Bag measures 2" wide on the top side, where the zip-lock (opening) is located. Depth is 1 inch, measured from the ziplock to the bottom of the bag. Measurement does not include the small lip area above the zip. Use these small sized blue ziplock bags inch for small beads, jewelry & coins!

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