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18 X 18, 1.5 Mil Clear Flat Poly Bags

Item #: FB1818.1.5

18 X 18, 1.5 Mil Clear Flat Poly Bags

Measuring diagram

Width:18 inches
Length:18 inches
Thickness:1.5 Mil (0.0015 inch)


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Our 18" x 18" 1.5 mil Clear LayFlat Plastic Bags are made of virgin polyethylene and provide a high clarity so its contents are clearly visible. This 18 X 18 inch Open End Poly Bag is highly versatile and ideal for storing and packaging your product. These 1.5 mil thin bags are commonly used to organize & store Clothing and Jewelry. Open Top/Lay Flat 18x18 1.5mil bags can be used in its open form as temporary storage or can be sealed shut with heat sealing, stapling, Bag Tape or Twist Ties.
Available in pack(s) of: 1000

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