Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum Seal Bags
These 3 Mil Vacuum Pouches are great for meats, vegetables, cheeses, beef jerky and more! Our non-channeled Vacuum Pouch Bags are Microwaveable, Boilable, Freezable and work with bone in applications. These bags have a 1/4 inch seal at the edges and the listed sizes are outside dimensions.
  • Microwaveable, Boilable and Freezable.
  • These vacuum pouches are non-channeled.
  • Provides excellent moisture transmission rates and oxygen transmission rates.
  • FDA and USDA Approved.

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NameCase ofPrice
5 x 7, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$36.00
As low as: $30.60
6 x 8, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$49.36
As low as: $41.96
6 x 10, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$61.24
As low as: $52.05
6 x 12, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$73.94
As low as: $62.85
6 x 15, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$91.00
As low as: $77.35
6 x 20, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$123.11
As low as: $104.64
7 x 9, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$62.45
As low as: $53.08
7 x 11, 3 Mil Vacuum Pouch Bags1000$79.22
As low as: $67.34