Slider Top Deli Bags

Slider Top Deli Bags
Deli Slider Bags are a great way to quickly packing your gourmet deli sandwiches, meats, sliced cold cuts and more! Our Slider Top Deli Bags are USDA and FDA approved deeming them safe for food. These bags come packed in saddles and are designed to fit standard Deli Bag stands. Slider deli bags are packed 100 bags per saddle.

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  • Makes packing deli food quick & easy.
  • Keeps your food fresh!
  • Great for cheese, sandwiches, wraps, cold cuts and other deli foods!

NameCase ofPrice
10 X 8.5, Slider Top Deli Bags, PRINTED “Deli Fresh”2000$134.00
As low as: $113.90