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Polypropylene Reclosable Bags

Polypropylene Reclosable Bags
Our polypropylene bag selection is made of virgin polypropylene and meets all USDA and FDA requirements. All of the poly reclosable bags features prime quality zips that will protect its contents. With hundreds of sizes in stock, you'll find a bag for every conceivable use. Just choose the bag that fits your needs, and we'll ship it out to you right away

  • Very High Clarity Enhances Products. Bags are Ultra crystal clear.
  • Meets USDA & FDA requirements for food contact
  • Vapor & Moisture Barriers keeps bagged contents fresh longer and extends shelf life.
  • More cost effective than cellophane.
  • The opening of the bag is 1/2" smaller than the width of the bag

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NameCase ofPrice
2 X 3, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bags1000$14.01
As low as: $11.91
As low as: $6.12
3 X 4, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bags1000$17.64
As low as: $14.99
As low as: $7.57
3 X 5, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bag1000$19.59
As low as: $16.65
As low as: $8.43
4 X 6, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bag1000$25.53
As low as: $21.70
As low as: $12.39
6 X 9, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bag1000$45.18
As low as: $38.40
As low as: $22.10

Super Super Special!

8 X 10, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bag
1000Reg. $60.84
Sale: $47.40
As low as: $40.29
As low as: $26.34
9 X 12, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bags1000$74.40
As low as: $63.24
10 X 12, 2 Mil Polypropylene Reclosable Bag1000$99.33
As low as: $84.43

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