Optical Reclosable Bags

Optical Reclosable Bags
Our clear reclosable optical zip lock bags are made of virgin polyethylene and meet all USDA and FDA requirements. The Split Compartment bag features a split compartment that separates and protects the lenses. Pouch bags feature an outer pouch/bag which serves as a pocket to hold documents and paperwork that go along with the item or product placed inside the ziplock bag, perfect for eyeglass frames. Just choose the quantity that you need, and we'll ship it out to you right away.
  • Top quality recloseable optical bags with a high quality zip that protects your optical product.
  • Over 300 sizes in stock ready to ship today.
  • All virgin polyethylene meets FDA and USDA requirements.
  • Our optical zip lock bag is perfect for business or individual use.

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NameCase ofPrice
3.5 x 7.25 2 Mil Recloseable Bags with Vent Hole1000$23.74
As low as: $20.18
4 X 4, 2 Mil Optical Reclosable Bags with Split Compartment

Thinned/Cut Lenses Bag

As low as: $24.33
4 x 4, 2 Mil Clear Single Lens Reclosable Optical Bags1000$11.51
As low as: $9.78
4 x 8.5, 2 Mil Clear Reclosable Bag with Pouch1000$35.48
As low as: $30.16
7.5 x 4, 2 Mil Reclosable Optical Bags with Split Compartment.1000$49.31
As low as: $41.91