4 x 6, 4 Mil Clear Reclosable Bags

Item #: RB0406.4
4 x 6, 4 Mil Clear Reclosable Bags
4 x 6, 4 Mil Clear Reclosable Bags bag measuring diagram

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Width:4 inches
Length:6 inches
Thickness:4 Mil (0.004 inch)


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Our 4" x 6" 4 mil clear ziplock plastic bags are made of high-quality virgin polyethylene. The 4 mil thickness (meaning .004 inches thick) provides extra durability for packaging and storing heavier, rougher items. Medium-duty items, for example, Allen wrenches, small to midsize bolts, or heavy jewelry, may warp or puncture through thinner bags. This 4 x 6 inch reclosable poly bag features a high quality ziplock which is easy to pull open and pinch shut. These bags are commonly used to package frozen food, tools, watches, auto-parts and industrial supplies. Available in pack(s) of: 1000, 100.

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