4 x 6, 2 Mil Biohazard Specimen Reclosable Bags 8 Ounces

Item #: RBM0406.2
4 x 6, 2 Mil Biohazard Specimen Reclosable Bags
Width:4 inches
Length:6 inches
Thickness:2 Mil (0.002 inch)


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Our 4 X 6 Specimen Ziplock Biohazard Bags are for safe storage and transport of medical specimens, samples and other bio-hazard management. These small 4 x 6 inch, 2 Mil Biohazard Reclosable Bags come with our quality zip-lock opening at the top, making open/close fast and easy. This size does not have an outer pouch for documents.

They are damp proof, moisture proof, and printed with the biohazard symbol in the front of the bag. Depending on the quantity of bags, we can have the Biohazard Bags custom manufactured for your laboratory or health care facility according to your specifications. Find out more about your custom plastic bags options!