4 Mil Slider Reclosable Bags

4 Mil Slider Reclosable Bags
Our 4 Mil Slider Reclosable Bags, open and close easily. Protect your contents from dirt and moisture. Note the bag opening is smaller than the width of the bag (about 1.5" smaller) for these 4 mil heavy duty, freezer thickness, plastic bags.
  • Top quality Slider Zip Bags with high quality seal that protects your product.
  • All virgin polyethylene meets FDA and USDA requirements.
  • Slider bags are the easiest to open and close; just slide the zip!
  • The openings on the bags are 1.5" narrower than the width of the bag.

NameCase ofPrice
10 X 12, 4 Mil Clear Slider Reclosable Bags1000$175.89
As low as: $149.51
As low as: $26.84