Silver Stand Up Pouches

Silver Stand Up Pouches
Reclosable Stand Up Pouches for food packaging. Popular for Dried Fruits, Candies, Granola, Chocolate & Nuts! These pouch bags have a bottom gusset which allows them to stand up when filled. Tear notches on both sides of the bag (located 1" above the zipper) allows for the pouches to be heat sealed at the top and torn open at the tear notches. Comes with a round Hang Hole for hanging. Choose from Clear, Silver, White and Clear-Silver. Please note; dimensions on these bags are outer dimensions (which includes the area above the zipper and side seals). Usable dimensions are smaller.
  • BG = Bottom Gusset.
  • Two Tear Notches.
  • Hang Hole.
  • USDA and FDA approved.

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NameCase ofPrice
4 x 6 + 2.5" BG, Silver Metallized Stand Up Pouches1000$139.00
As low as: $118.15
5 x 8.5 + 3" BG, Silver Metallized Stand Up Pouches1000$159.00
As low as: $135.15
6 x 9.5 + 3.5" BG, Silver Metallized Stand Up Pouches1000$179.00
As low as: $152.15
7.5 x 11.5 + 3.5" BG, Silver Metallized Stand Up Pouches500$119.00
As low as: $101.15