1.5 x 1 (1510), 2 Mil Dark Purple Tint Reclosable Bags

Item #: RBC01.501DP

1.5 x 1 (1510), 2 Mil Dark Purple Tint Reclosable Bags

Measuring diagram

Width:1.5 inches
Length:1 inch
Thickness:2 Mil (0.002 inch)

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Other Industry Names: 1510


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These small 1.5" x 1", 1510, Purple Zip Lock plastic bags are great for packaging your goods in an eye-catching way! 1.5 x 1 Inches, Dark Purple Reclosable Bags are colored Dark Purple - Brownish Purple also referred to as Eggplant/aubergine color. These petite ziplock bags open on the 1.5 inch side and measure 1 inch deep from the zipper down. Purple Resealable 1.5x1 poly bags features a high quality zip on top, which is easy to pull open & pinch shut, making packaging easy. Use 1.5 x 1 Purple bag to color code your extra small products. Can now be purchased in packs of 1000 or 100.

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